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We help healthcare and life sci- ences companies understand and navigate the complex transition from a paper-based environment to a fully automated digital, cloud- based Quality Management Sys- tem. Our best practices are based on FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA

Case Study: Aurelia Gloves

About Aurelia Gloves

Aurelia Gloves is one of Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of protective gloves, face masks and other personal protective equipment for consumers and business partners. The Company serves the Canadian marketplace through a facility based near Montreal, QC.

The Challenge

Aurelia Gloves had seen a dramatic increase in its sales volumes and a corresponding need to formalize their business processes. This included introducing a marketing automation system, a customer relationship management system and an ERP. In order to reach their sales target while keeping up with the quality of their service, they needed a partner who had a deep understanding of their space and was nimble enough to work with their dynamic processes. 

Their current state saw the sales team depending on outdated product sheets to find relevant information. With thousands of products at hand, this manual approach was very time-consuming and costly. In addition, case management was being tracked in emails, and they were using their marketing automation tool as an all-inclusive CRM.  

The Solution

The Blue Ocean team worked closely with Aurelia Gloves to develop a digital transformation approach to its sales and services teams. Starting with a centralized platform using Sales Cloud, Blue Ocean developed a cohesive approach from Lead, to Opportunity Close, to Case Management. Their marketing automation tool was integrated with Salesforce to manage and follow up on incoming leads, proper lead routing rules developed, record types were created for manufacturers and end Clients. 

Service Cloud was implemented to help manage customer service inquiries through various channels such as phone, email, social or live chat. Salesforce’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool was implemented to handle complex quoting & discounting requirements. 

Microsoft Business Central ERP was integrated with Salesforce to pass order information from the CRM to the ERP and order-related info, including financials, back to Salesforce. SharePoint was also integrated to bring relevant data into Salesforce at the account level.

The Outcome

Leveraging the power of Sales Cloud, the sales team was able to effectively manage their days and their clients by organizing their tasks, automating the quoting process and following up with new leads generated by their marketing automation tool. 

The ERP integration and CPQ configuration ensured that the sales reps always have the latest pricing at hand when speaking with new and existing clients and could turn around approved quotes quickly. With full visibility into ERP information, they no longer need to contact customer service or back end teams to get order or financial information to customers. 

With Service Cloud the Aurelia team is able to do more with less. They can communicate with the sales team in context and they have full visibility of account history and order-related information.

Salesforce & Compliance Experts for Healthcare & Life Sciences Companies

With proven experience deploying compliance solutions for healthcare-related companies, we not only help them drive more sales through Sales Cloud and provide better customer experiences through Service Cloud, we also help them understand and navigate the complex transition from a paper-based information environment to a fully automated digital solution.

We provide expert advice on regulations set forth by the FDA, Health Canada and the ISO. Our solutions are scalable and grow with our customers’ to set up the foundation and work incremen- tally towards a fully compliant system. With our Agile Methodology, moving from paper-based to digital can be done as timing and budget permits.

Blue Ocean services include guidance and best practices around 21 CFR Part 11, Document/Record Control, Control of Design and Development Changes, Suppliers Evaluation & Selection, Compliant

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