Public Sector

We have experience working closely with hospitals, clinics and other government-funded institutions. We provide cloud-based patient management, document management, case management, incident reporting, supplier management, training management and audit tracking - all in one unified platform.

With the Health Cloud Platform, Healthcare Institutions Can:

  • Coordinate post-acute care
  • Personalize contact center experiences
  • Scale member care management
  • Personalize member engagement
  • Reduce readmissions by better connecting care teams and patients
  • Empower agents to quickly connect patients to the right care

Reduce readmissions by better connecting care teams and patients.

Deliver better outcomes in the age of value-based care with our Coordinate Post-Acute Care solution. Get a single view of each patient to enable closer communication and better collaboration between care teams — and transform the entire post-acute care experience.

Empower agents to quickly connect patients to the right care.

Meet — and exceed — patient expectations by giving agents the tools to solve inquiries the first time. This solution integrates with EHRs and core systems of record to give agents instant access to all relevant patient information, along with AI-powered recommendations that automate their workflows.

Deliver 1-to-1 care to members who need it most.

Turn every interaction into an opportunity to build trust with high-risk members. Easily scale care management programs and deliver ongoing engagement to keep members on track. Drive seamless collaboration across the entire ecosystem. And leverage Einstein Analytics for deeper insights that lead to healthier outcomes.

Engage members anywhere with tailored and seamless experiences.

Deliver connected experiences that can improve member satisfaction and outcomes. Easily create omni-channel interactions to engage members throughout their care journey. With a 360-degree view, employees are empowered to create personalized experiences based on member preferences and health needs to drive trust, retention, and loyalty.