Our solutions help healthcare companies increase their patient count, streamline the intake process by eliminating paper-based forms and improve patient outcomes

Increase Patient Count

  • Leverage fully integrated search engine mar- keting & optimization, social, re-targeting and traditional marketing campaigns to reach patients on whatever platform or through whichever medi- um they’re searching on.
  • Blue Ocean’s deep marketing knowledge helps healthcare companies and institutions cap- ture more patients, track campaign ROI and ensure that no patient leads fall through the cracks. With Salesforce, they’re enabled to track patient conver- sions, drop-off rates, time to surgery and patient outcomes.
  • Capture inquiries on website pages with web-to-lead, allowing for instant follow up

Streamline Patient Intake

  • Convert paper-based forms to digital intake forms that patients can sign electroni- cally via email or on an in-office tablet.
  • All patient information captured via digital forms is instantly tracked in Salesforce and fully reportable, providing invaluable patient analytics.

Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Implement digital patient surveys pre or post- visit/surgery to analyze patient satisfaction, treat- ment outcomes over time and areas for improve- ment – all in real time.
  • Provide automated post-visit/surgery instruc- tions and follow up ‘check-ins’ at set intervals to ensure consistency of communication, increase patient adherence to instructions and improve en- gagement.
  • Log incidences to cases for easy tracking, team-resolution and collaboration between healthcare institutions and their partners (e.g. physiotherapist, physiatrists, clinics).

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