Ready for the Health Cloud Winter ’24 Salesforce Release?

First, Let's Rewind to Summer '23 Together!

Hey, fellow healthcare innovators, it’s time to rewind the clocks to revisit the Health Cloud Summer ’23 release as it may have slipped by during the vacation season. Don’t fret if you were sleeping– we’re here to bring you up to speed on the freshest updates that can help reshape the way you manage your healthcare journey.

As Salesforce Health Cloud Consultants, we teamed up to pick our favourite game-changers from this release. Let’s explore the advancements that you can use to refine the way you deliver the healthcare experience:

1. Home Health, Reinvented

Looking for a more streamlined approach to linking service requests with recurring visits? The CareServiceVisitPlan object offers an effective solution by simplifying the process of managing service request appointments. This approach extends to the innovative CareServiceVisit object, which aids in the association of service requests with corresponding appointments.

2. Advanced Therapy Management

Embrace a new era of care program management with the introduction of these objects: CarePgmEnrolleeWorkOrder that helps you store information about the work order that’s executed for the care program enrollee and CarePgmEnrolleeWorkOrderStep that stores information about the step in a work order that’s executed for the care program enrollee. These tools act as robust organizers, allowing you to keep crucial details about completed tasks, upcoming actions, and the team members involved in your organization’s work.

Visualize this, your team is handling various tasks, and you aim to ensure everyone is well-coordinated. That’s where the new ‘Team‘ and TeamMember objects come in handy – they’re almost like a digital planner for your team.

3. Utilization Management Simplified

Navigate the complexities of utilization management with confidence, thanks to the robust CareProcessingError object. Imagine you’re in charge of managing how healthcare services are used. Sometimes, things might not go smoothly, and there could be errors when authorizing requests. With the CareProcessingError tool, you’ve got a strong solution to keep track of these errors. It’s like having a notebook where you jot down what went wrong so you can fix it later.

And it gets even better- let’s say you’re managing requests for specific treatments, with the ReferenceCaseType field, you can sort these requests neatly and understand what each one is about, making it more informed.

Think about managing medications. You can now be super precise about which drugs are needed using the DrugCodeId field. It’s like having labels on each medication to make sure everything is clear and accurate.

4. Integrated Care Management at Its Best

Boost  your care plan management with the introduction of the TaskId field on the CarePlanActivity object, which associates care plan activities with Task records. The TaskJobStatus and TaskJobStatusMessage fields on the CarePlanDetail object offers insights into task statuses. Add valuable information to care barriers with the Description field on the CareBarrier object, and efficiently reference problem definitions using the ProblemDefinitionId field.

5. Crisis Support Center Management 

Upgrade your healthcare facilities using the CareFacilityBed object, it enables segmenting the various bed types associated with care programs and products. This eases administering information related to different bed types within your facility, streamlining your crisis support center management offers the gift of time your team undoubtedly needs.

These are just a few of the impactful enhancements waiting to advance your healthcare offering. As demonstrated by this latest release of Health Cloud, it’s clear that Salesforce continues to lead the way in driving innovation for healthcare management. To explore the complete spectrum of the Health Cloud Summer ’23 release, dive into the original release document by Salesforce here.

Don’t let this summer release pass you by. Take advantage of these healthcare innovations to offer the best CX for your patients and EX for your team.


Author –

Krishnaraddi V Madolli (15X Salesforce Certified)

Salesforce Certified Application Architect & Health Cloud Accredited Professional

Blue Ocean CRM Inc.

Special contributors –

Sonal Pandey & Pamela Gordon

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