Life Sciences

Easily conduct post-market surveillance in real-time, control documents, monitor adverse events, prepare for audits and enable your sales and services teams through the Sales & Service Clouds. We have the expertise necessary for a smooth transition to the digital, paperless world. 

Post-Market Surveillance

With Salesforce Service Cloud and Dot Compliance, simply track adverse events and perform complaint monitoring, all centralized and fully compliant against FDA, Health Canada, and EU GMP regulatory requirements.

Document Control

Establish rules in Salesforce for streamlining the process of reviewing, approving, tracking and storing documents.

Change Management

Easily perform Change Control actions to minimize disruption to services, reduce back- out activities and provide a cost-effective usage of resources involved in implementing the change.

Deviation & Non-Conformity

  • Pre-configured best practices workflows provide the ability to capture evidence directly via mobile devices.
  • Processes are fully flexible for different types of deviation and non-conformity types.
  • Processes are fully flexible for different types of deviation and non-conformity types.


  • Best practices workflows pre- configured by our industry experts and fully integrated to non- conformance events.
  • Integrated investigation and assess- ments. Tracking of execution and related change controls.
  • Effectiveness measurement.

Risk Management

  • Built-in scoring system.
  • Adjustable parameters to define acceptable risk level.
  • Flexible workflows for different assess- ment types.
  • Reports and KPIs for measurable insights and data.

Audit Management

  • We help companies simplify and organize their compilation of audits.
  • Leverage the Salesforce Platform and Dot Compliance Suite to ensure process and protocols are followed to reduce risk, save time and save money.

Training Management

  • Link training to SOPs
  • Leverage the Salesforce Platform and Dot Compliance Suite to ensure process and protocols are followed to reduce risk, save time and save money.

Learning Management

  • We help companies simplify and organize their compilation of audits.
  • Leverage the Salesforce Platform and Dot Compliance Suite to ensure process and protocols are followed to reduce risk, save time and save money.


Our solutions help healthcare companies increase their patient count, streamline the intake process by eliminating paper-based forms and improve patient outcomes

Increase Patient Count

  • Leverage fully integrated search engine mar- keting & optimization, social, re-targeting and traditional marketing campaigns to reach patients on whatever platform or through whichever medi- um they’re searching on.
  • Blue Ocean’s deep marketing knowledge helps healthcare companies and institutions cap- ture more patients, track campaign ROI and ensure that no patient leads fall through the cracks. With Salesforce, they’re enabled to track patient conver- sions, drop-off rates, time to surgery and patient outcomes.
  • Capture inquiries on website pages with web-to-lead, allowing for instant follow up

Streamline Patient Intake

  • Convert paper-based forms to digital intake forms that patients can sign electroni- cally via email or on an in-office tablet.
  • All patient information captured via digital forms is instantly tracked in Salesforce and fully reportable, providing invaluable patient analytics.

Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Implement digital patient surveys pre or post- visit/surgery to analyze patient satisfaction, treat- ment outcomes over time and areas for improve- ment – all in real time.
  • Provide automated post-visit/surgery instruc- tions and follow up ‘check-ins’ at set intervals to ensure consistency of communication, increase patient adherence to instructions and improve en- gagement.
  • Log incidences to cases for easy tracking, team-resolution and collaboration between healthcare institutions and their partners (e.g. physiotherapist, physiatrists, clinics).


We help healthcare and life sciences companies & institutions understand and navigate the complex transition from a paper-based information environment to a fully automated digital, cloud-based solution. Our best practices are based on FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, Health Canada and EU GMP regulations.

Fully Compliant Solutions for Highly Regulated Industries

  • Leveraging the Dot Compliance Suite, built into the fully scalable Salesforce Platform, we provide fully compliant solu- tions and consulting services to ensure healthcare and life sciences companies meet the requirement set out by the Food & Drug Administration, the EU GMP and Health Canada.
  • We have experience helping small, medium and large businesses or practices go paperless in highly regulated indus- tries, from pharmaceuticals to healthcare, medical device companies to hospitals and clinics, as well as legal marijuana producers.
  • The Salesforce Platform is HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Process Catalog

Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is an electronic solution for drafting, reviewing, approving, tracking and storage of organizational documents...

Training Management

An innovative Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to offer everything from training to record management, to simplify the distribution of courses to employees/students, all done over one network...

Change Management

Change control is a formal process ensuring changes to a product or system are introduced in a controlled, synchronized and well-coordinated manner. Reducing the possibility of unnecessary changes...

Deviation & Nonconformity

Deviation and nonconformity processes are core processes in a quality system. Regulations require organizations to investigate, plan and implement actions in order to find the root cause of an event that’s deviant...


Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) improve an organization's implemented processes, eliminating causes of nonconformities or other undesirable outcomes or scenarios...

Supplier Quality Management

Supplier Quality Management is comprised of a set of procedures and processes in the organization's quality systems. Designed to increase the confidence in a supplier's ability to deliver quality goods or services...

Supplier Portal

As the reliance on Contracted Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), critical suppliers and distribution partners grows, so too does the need to connect quality processes of the entire supply chain...

Patient Safety Tracking

Adverse event reporting and complaint handling processes are designed to ensure that report of potential failure to meet required product quality, safety standards or customer expectations are systematically captured...

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs processes in our system are designed to ensure compliance of organizations with regulations and laws, while also supporting communication with regulatory agencies and personnel. Registration of products, product variation, and registration...

Batch Production Record

Electronic Batch Record (EBR), also known as Batch Production Record (BPR), or Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR), is the methodology applied to manage and document manufacturing processes in highly regulated industries...

Device History Record

Device History Record, also is known as DHR, is the methodology employed to ensure high quality manufacturing processes in the medical device industry. The DHR process demonstrates how each specific device was manufactured...

Risk Management

The role of Dot Compliance’s Risk/Impact Assessment & Management module is to provide a detailed and systematic appraisal of the potential impacts of an amendment, alteration, or event...

Audit Management

The Dot Compliance Suite Audit Management module helps simplify and organize work and collaboration processes of compiling audits. By ensuring that internal/external audit directives...

Public Sector

We have experience working with hospitals, clinics & other government-funded institutions to provide cloud-based patient management, document management, case management, incident reporting, supplier management, training management and audit tracking all in 1 unified platform.

With the Health Cloud Platform, healthcare institutions can:

  • Coordinate Post Acute Care
  • Personalize Contact Center Experiences
  • Scale Member Care Management
  • Personalize Member Engagement
  • Reduce Readmissions by Better Connecting Care Teams & Patients
  • Empower Agents to Quickly Connect Patients to the Right Care

Reduce readmissions by better connecting care teams and patients.

Deliver better outcomes in the age of value-based care with our Coordinate Post-Acute Care solution. Get a single view of each patient to enable closer communication and better collaboration between care teams — and transform the entire post-acute care experience.

Empower agents to quickly connect patients to the right care.

Meet — and exceed — patient expectations by giving agents the tools to solve inquiries the first time. This solution integrates with EHRs and core systems of record to give agents instant access to all relevant patient information, along with AI-powered recommendations that automate their workflows.

Deliver 1-to-1 care to members who need it most.

Turn every interaction into an opportunity to build trust with high-risk members. Easily scale care management programs and deliver ongoing engagement to keep members on track. Drive seamless collaboration across the entire ecosystem. And leverage Einstein Analytics for deeper insights that lead to healthier outcomes.

Engage members anywhere with tailored and seamless experiences.

Deliver connected experiences that can improve member satisfaction and outcomes. Easily create omni-channel interactions to engage members throughout their care journey. With a 360-degree view, employees are empowered to create personalized experiences based on member preferences and health needs to drive trust, retention, and loyalty.

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